Technology and process

Laser welding consists in fusion of the interface of the joined elements by means of heat resulting from application of a concentrated coherent light beam with very high power density, ca. 102-1011 W/mm2. Welding can be carried out using the welding bath, traditional arc welding or full penetration weld method, in a single- or multi-layer run, with or without filler material, i.e. the keyhole method.

Very high power densities of the laser beam ensure that the welding line energies are at the level of minimum energies required to melt the joint, and the heat effect zone as well as the melt zone are very narrow. At the same time, deformation of joints is so low that the welding can produce the finished product, with no additional machining required.

Laser welding of lithium-ion batteries

One of the key competences of LaserTec is the welding of lithium-ion cells for battery systems:

  • Li-lon prismatic cells welding - Samsung, Toshiba
  • Welding of cylindrical cells
  • Welding  of battery pack of customer documentation
  • Development of welding technology for different battery types
  • Quality control before and after the process
  • Engineering support in battery design and manufacture of dedicated welding equipment
  • High process and weld efficiency

  • structural steels
  • duplex steels
  • Cr/Ni steels
  • aluminium alloys
  • aluminium alloys
  • nickel alloys
  • magnesium alloys
  • special materials
  • zinc-coated metal sheetse

Advantages of laser welding
  • High welding speed
  • Minimal deformation after welding
  • No need for chamfering the welded joints
  • Narrow heat affected zone
  • No after welding machining required or straightening out of the welded joint
  • High process precision
  • Durable joint even without filler material added
  • High repeatability and no need to reposition robot arm for every weld
  • The possibility to weld different types of materials
  • High versitality of weld shapes
  • High robotisation and automatisation capability
  • Ograniczenie szkodliwego oddziaływania na obsługę i środowisko



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